For over twenty years, PhD candidates of the Division of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University have been organising international study tours. In 2015 the eleventh study tour will take place. Symposia and workshops at various universities, institutes and companies in the Eastern USA will be part of the program.

This PhD tour aims to exchange scientific knowledge and stimulate innovative research collaborations in the field of human nutrition. Therefore we will visit excellent research institutes, governmental health organisations and R&D departments of food companies.

Previous years, PhD students from our division went on study tours to Germany and Switzerland (1991), United Kingdom (1993), United States (1995 and 2007), Scandinavia (1997), South Africa (1999), Germany, Switzerland and Italy (2001), Australia (2003 and 2013), UK and Ireland (2005), Scandinavia (2009) and South West USA and Mexico (2011).

We are part of the Graduate School VLAG. Advanced education is an important part of the scientific training they stand for. Apart from attending courses and congresses this international study tour is organized every other year to contribute to our scientific training.

We are looking forward to an inspiring and educative trip.

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